Professional headshot tips

How to get ready for your headshots session

The secret to getting ready for your headshot session is to know your style and dress with confidence. 

From a casual look to a business look, for a successful professional headshots session, be yourself and feel comfortable. Hair and makeup, the clothes you wear, and your attitude have a significant impact on the outcome of your headshot photos.

Makeup for professional headshots

Aim for a natural makeup look that makes you look like the best version of yourself. Keeping your makeup looking very natural is critical here. Use makeup as a tool to enhance your features and not change the way you look on a typical day. Looking polished doesn’t require lots of makeup. Making sure that you feel amazing and like who you see in the mirror is very important on the day of your headshot session. 

It’s also important to pay attention to the type of makeup product you are wearing for your headshot photo session. Make sure not to use mineral makeup products with SPF, silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide.

Make sure not to use mineral makeup products with SPF, silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. These makeup products can create foundation flashback which is a very unattractive glow and shine on the skin. 

As part of the planning for your headshot session, purchase your favorite lipstick or lip gloss, and a compact makeup. Bring your makeup kit with you for any last-minute touch-ups before and during your headshot session.

Hair for professional headshots

For your headshot photo session, style your hair to look natural and familiar to the way you wear it every day. Freshly washed hair always looks best. Wash your hair the day before your headshot session to ensure your hair is thoroughly dry before your photo session. If you have dry hair, washing your hair a day before, gives natural hair oils time to hydrate the hair, so it looks silky in your photos. Bring your brush and comb for last-minute adjustments. If you need a haircut, please give yourself a couple of days to get accustomed to your new style.

Video – Natural makeup for headshots

Watch this quick video for an excellent overview of how to keep your makeup natural for your headshot photo session.

Beard for headshots

Use a beard wash before your headshot session for a clean and fresh look. Trim down your beard and mustache to get rid of split ends that may show on your headshots.

Video – Grooming tips for headshots

Watch this video to learn five grooming tips any guy can do to prepare your facial hair for your headshot session. This video also shows tips on how to strengthen your jawline with a beautiful beard trim.

What to wear for your headshot session

It is always better to have more outfit options than you think you need to for your headshot session. Once you arrive, we’ll help you select the best options for your professional headshot photography session.

Even though you’ll only be photographed from the shoulders up, it’s essential to wear something tailored to preserve the overall look of the outfit. What you wear daily is a great place to start when planning for your photography session.

If you are coming for a corporate headshot session, we encourage you to wear a look that matches your company’s brand guidelines. Also, make sure to bring some layers so we can photograph at least a couple of outfits to provide you with a casual and more business look for your headshots.

For instance, women can bring a cardigan or a jacket with a silk scarf. Men can bring a coat and a tie. This way, we can photograph different combinations and have options to select. Remember, even switching a small piece of jewelry can make a significant impact on the final look of an outfit.

Here are some more tips for what to wear for your professional headshots:

  1. Select outfits that are classic and won’t make your headshots look outdated in a few months.
  2. Wear a color that is contrasting and flattering to your skin tone. Darker or mid-tone colors tend to put more emphasis on your face and eyes, which is perfect for headshots.
  3. Solid, muted tones work best. When in doubt, wear black or grey. Or, if you have a color, you feel great in, wear that color. Make sure you select colors that complement your skin tone as well as your brand.
  4. Avoid lighter colors that are similar to your skin tone because they tend to wash you out and make your headshots look less remarkable.
  5. The focus of a headshot is your face. Avoid bold prints, bold plaids, and patterns like floral prints, checkers, polka dots, and stripes. These patterns can detract from your face and make your headshot photo look too busy.
  6. Choose jewelry to enhance and fine-tune your outfit. Jewelry adds a complementary accent to your outfit and draws attention to your face. If you don’t wear any jewelry your photo may look unfinished, dull, and boring.
  7. As a general rule, the size of your earrings should be no less than the pupil of your eye. They should not be too bold, flashy, or distract from your face. If wearing a necklace, go with something simple that doesn’t pull attention away from your face.
  8. Choose outfits with modest necklines and sleeves. Too much skin can detract from your desired professional look.
  9. Opt for a more tailored look. Tailored clothing is more flattering to your figure. Clothing that is not too tight or too baggy helps you look slender.
  10. Bring ironed clothing on hangers and make sure they are wrinkle-free because strobe lights can make wrinkles look more accentuated.

Here a bonus tip to make sure you have a successful headshot session: If you do like bright, bold colors and patterns and this matches the look and feel of your brand, then go for it and wear a look that matches the image you’re trying to convey with your professional headshots. We are happy to schedule a consultation and discuss your branding needs with you.

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