Headshot Guide – Makeup

Aim for a natural makeup look that makes you look like the best version of yourself. 

Hi there! Welcome and thanks for taking a couple of minutes to read a bit about my makeup suggestions. 

Keeping your makeup looking natural is critical for your headshots because a headshot should be a representation of you on your best day.

Please only use makeup as a tool to enhance your features and not change the way you look on a typical day for you. The idea is to look polished, which doesn’t require lots of makeup. 

Making sure that you feel good about who you see in the mirror is a requirement for your headshot session. Of course, I use the word “requirement” here very loosely, but you get my point. You want to feel comfortable during your headshot session. If the makeup you wear makes you concerned, it’s going to be hard to relax when you are behind my lights, and I have a camera pointing at your face.

It’s also important that you pay attention to the type of makeup you are wearing for your headshot session. Please be sure not to use mineral makeup products with SPF, silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. These makeup products can create foundation flashback, which is an awful glow and shine on the skin. Click this link to see it on Google what I mean.

A couple more things to avoid wearing for your headshot session are fake eyelashes and mascara. False eyelashes take away from the natural look we are after for your headshots. Mascara can be a disaster if not applied by an expert because it clumps and hardens so be sure to only use a high-quality mascara.

Please arrive with your makeup ready for your headshot session but, bring your favorite lipstick or lip gloss and a compact makeup set for any last-minute touch-ups before and during your headshot session.

Makeup for headshots

Please spare a few minutes to watch this short video I found on YouTube for an excellent overview of how to keep your makeup natural for your headshot session.